London Cleaner

We don't mean that life for everyone in London is filthy or sordid. We simply mean that living in a bit city anywhere in the world comes with its own set of cleaning problems and solutions. There are some cities where the pollution is so bad that people can't leave their houses without masks on. Although London is nowhere near that level, there are millions of cars, buses and trucks on the roads that make the air dirtier than it is, say, out in the country. The sheer number of people walking the pavement each day mean that your shoes will come into contact with more dirt than in smaller towns. And although the city takes care of washing the streets and the fair amount of rain keeps dust to a minimum during the rainy months, there is still the problem of mud. All of those things get attached to your clothes and your shoes if you live in London - there's really no avoiding it.

And once dirt, dust and odours are attached to your clothing, its next resting place is inside your home.